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I was recently involved in helping produce a book for Andrew Mitchell House (Les Bourgs Hospice) in Guernsey, to coincide with the massive rebuild that it has been going though.

The book needed to not only document the history of the building but also that of a handful of people who were instrumental in the early days of Andrew Mitchell House. Of course thousands of people have helped make The Hospice what it is today so the first job was to draw up the list of those to be photographed and undertake a hectic 3 week shoot schedule in locations all over the island.  These locations were all chosen by the subject as places where they felt relaxed or that added to the context of their story. The stories each individual brought to the book were incredible and every one without exception were generous with their time in often difficult conditions during the shoots.

Shooting the 22 portraits for this book was something that I has real pride in doing, and it was a priverlage to meet and chat with those who had given so much and been such a huge part of Les Bourgs for so many years.