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Yesterday I was up in North London at the Moberly Sports Centre. We were shooting a Men's Fitness Magazine feature with the founder of Freerunning and all round great guy, Seb Foucan. Not only is he ripped and gave Daniel Craig a good run for his money in Casino Royal, Seb is a really grounded and intelligent athelete. Although he can't stand still for a minute, Seb is really calm and patient, and having started The Foucan Freerunning Academy, teaching seems to coming very naturally to him. As Freerunning becomes more and more popular and ever more commercial, it is constantly being developed and adapted. Seb is keen to take it back to the fundamentals and pass on to others all the benifits to the sport. I managed to throw my back out at the end of the day loading the car whilst he was still running about jumping over things!!