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On Saturday I took part in a chartiy swimarathon at Tooting Bec Lido, South London, in aid of Hope HIV. Organised by the 12IN12 HOPE IN ACTION Team, the initial idea was to swim the equivalent of the 34km across the English Channel.  This would equate to 378 lengths of the 90m pool (which just seemed to go on and on and on).  HOWEVER, after 11hours of swimming, collectively they managed to knock up a total of 1066 lengths which is more than 90km! It was not until later that it was realised that the pool is actually 94m long, which makes a huge diffence after that many lengths. My girlfriend Kate and I managed to complete a very respectable 50 lengths each, a total distance of 9.4km. The pool wasn't exactly warm and I'll admit, without the luxury of a wetsuit I couldn't feel my hands and feet by about half way! It is hoped that over £1.3k was raised in this event alone. AMAZING! Thank you so much for all the sponsorship.

HOPE HIV is a charity that helps and supports kids in sub-Saharan africa that have been given the toughest of starts, in communities groun down by poverty and hammered by AIDS.  Often growning up without the love and guidance of parents, many show extraordinary spirit, resilience and talent. Given the opportunity, they have the potential to change Africa’s future from the bottom up.