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On September  23rd and huge avalanche killed 11 people on the 8156m peak Manaslu. Three of those on the mountain were world class free skiers, Glen Plake, Greg Costa and Remy Lecluse, who were aiming to ski from the summit.

Taking out the whole of the mountain side, the avalanche took numerous climbers in camp 3 and it even reached camp 2.

I had followed the lead up thier expedition over the past month.  Blogs, interviews and videos of them together, explaining the trip, the lure of the moutain and a break down of all the gear they were taking. Of the three, Glen is the only survivor.  This is a skype interview with Glen in Kathmandu recalling the disaster, surviving it, and the loss of his friends. He comes across as remarkably compossed in the video.  Perhaps this is because it is still sinking in.  I wonder if it is also that fact that these guys have been living with these danages for so many years, and whilst any loss is always tragic, perhaps people like Glen have found ways to deal with it?