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I recently had a shoot with elite performance expert and nutritionist, Laurent Bannock, at the exclusive personal training club NKDAmbition in London. Laurent was assessing and fitness testing Jimi 'Posterboy' Manawu, undefeated light heavyweight UFC fighter. He's a mountain of a man with amazing physique.

above image:

Having worked with each other a number of times over the last few years, Laurent and Jimi discused how training had been and any issues that he had with injury, weight gain or loss and recovery.  Laurent took blood pressure readings, skin fold measurements and various girth measurments. From all this, he is able to see how Jimi had changed physically since they last met, and what needs to be done to get him in peak condition for the next fight.

After the assesment, Jimi was given a metabolic fitness test on the treadmill to measure how well his body is able to utilise oxygen and where his aerobic threshold is. Although it usually only runs for around 10 minutes, it's never an easy test for any athlete.