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Channel 4 is the official broadcaster for the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Created by communications agency 4Creative, 'Meet the Superhumans' features key members of the GB Paralymic Team. More than just an upbeat, empowering sports videowith funky soundtrack, there are personal stories of some the atheletes also interwoven into the film, making it so much more. Watching it, the disabilty almost becomes second place to the fact that they are atheletes, without forgeting how  hard they all had to work to get there. BRING ON THE GAMES!!

Due to licensing agreements for the music used, 'Harder Than You Think' by Public Enemy, the film cannot be embeded to my blog.  So click on the link below to watch it. It's well good!:

Here's another link to The Paralympic Blog discussing the making of the film which is quite interesting: