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Although this is a new site, it's good to look back sometimes at photos and things that you have seen and mean a lot to you.

Driving down a small country lane in Guernsey one day, I passed a old man sweeping the road side outside his farm.  Slow and stooped over, but working with purpose, I stopped to say hello and ask if he'd mind if I took his photo.

Leaning heavily on his broom, which looked as though it had been reparied a number of times, he gave me a kind smile and introduced himself as Tom. We spent the next hours or so talking, as he told me stories of the farm in it's hay-day and life during the German occupation.  He also spoke of his struggles now with health. But I sensed a real pride in him and although the farm had stopped producing many many years ago, he seemed to still feel a duty to be out everyday to trim hedge-rows, clear step and generally keep active, despite being nearly blind.  Walking around the farm, it old barns and sheds, was like stepping back in time with traditional machinery, apples pressed and tools covered in wood dust from teh beems above, still laying undisturbed since last being used. One of the sheds, with it's door, seeming t be held together with orange string and proped up with a small wood plank, had a whole inner wall covered with prize certificates for flowers at local shows dating back some 40-50 years. There was something very moving to see a pot of fresh wild flowers in a barn.

Watching Tom walk away at the end, was a real mix of feelings.  I had had a glimpse into a way of life that we will never see again and I felt very lucky to have that short time with him. I wonder how Tom is?